University of California, Berkeley

College of Engineering: MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Concentration (Class of 2024)

Relevant Coursework: Introduction to the Finite Element Method, Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

Cornell University

Sibley School Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude (Class of 2023)

Relevant coursework: Propulsion of Spacecraft; Propulsion of Aircraft and Rockets; Introduction to Computing Using Python; Fluids and Heat Transfer Laboratory; Fluid Dynamics; System Dynamics; Mechanical Synthesis; Mechatronics; Mechanics of Engineering Materials.


Co-generation Project PCB and Heat Sink Design (Jan 2023-May 2023)

Cornell University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Undergraduate Researcher

  • Designed casing to house a PCB and lithium-ion battery that would power a thermo-cooker.
  • Tested different heat sink models using Ansys to determine the most effective design to ensure PCB and battery did not overheat.

Nanocomposite Research for Insulation on the Moon (Aug 2022-Jan 2023)

Cornell University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Undergraduate Researcher     

  • Developed a mechanism for creating flat, homogeneous samples from polypropylene samples to make them ideal for X-ray diffraction analysis. 
  • Synthesized and analyzed Boron Nitride composites to develop materials ideal for high voltage insulation.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (June 2022-Aug 2022)

Stanford University, Intern 

  • Worked in the nEXO (Enriched Xenon Observatory) experiment laboratory with the goal of searching for a theoretical decay process known as neutrinoless double beta decay. 
  • Tested and modified experiment’s xenon purification system. 
  • Developed and tested a capacitance based liquid level sensor for measuring xenon levels.
  • Used Cura to alter g-code to optimize 3D-printer to print with various kinds of filament. 

Cornell Mars Rover Project Team (Aug 2019-Sept 2022)

Cornell University, Student Project Team Leader

  • Proposed and manufactured the mechanical on-rover system that would autonomously perform life-detection tests on 3 different rock and soil samples, collaborated with team to integrate different rover subsystems.
  • Led subteam of 4 students to implement chemical tests, cameras, and sensors that would be used on the Mars Rover to determine if the soil and rock samples being analyzed contain or once did contain life.

Modeling Habitable Exoplanets Discovered by TESS and Kepler Space Telescopes (Aug 2020-May 2023)

Cornell University Carl Sagan Institute, Undergraduate Researcher     

  • Generated absorption black-body curves using Python for 12 different temperatures and 13 novel materials created in an on-campus lab that could comprise the material make-up of exoplanets.
  • Analyzed 20,000+ exoplanets discovered by the TESS and Kepler space telescopes to determine and model the exoplanets that fell into their respective star system’s Habitable Zone.      


Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics (WoAA), E-Board Member, Cornell University, Member Sept 2020-May 2023.
Society of Women Engineers,
Cornell University, Student Mentor, Aug 2019-Aug 2022


Software Programs: Ansys, Autodesk Inventor and Fusion360, SolidWorks, Python, MATLAB, Cura, Onshape. 

Electronics: Experienced with circuit board schematics and components, PCB soldering, as well as operating Arduino boards with C/C++ syntax. 

Machining: Machine shop trained to use lathe and milling machines.