About Ameera Elgonemy 

Ameera is a college junior attending Cornell University (class of 2023). She is in the College of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

While attending to her studies, Ameera is an Undergraduate Researcher, modeling habitable exoplanets discovered by TESS & Kepler space telescopes. She is also a subteam member of the Cornell Mars Rover (CMR) Astrotech.

She has been on the Dean’s list in 2019 and 2020.

Ameera has competency in the following software programs: 

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Fusion360
  • Python
  • JAVA
  • Excel

Ameera is fluent in English and Arabic and has intermediate fluency in Spanish.

You can find her resume here. You can find out more about my technical background and work on Github.

More About Ameera Elgonemy

I am currently a member of the Cornell Mars Rover Project Team, a student-run organization which builds a fully autonomous rover each year to compete in the Annual University Rover Challenge.

I am a member of the Astrotech subteam, where I work on the rover’s life detection system. In order to design and develop the system that performs and observes the results of the various required life detection tests, I machine parts and use CAD and ANSYS frequently.

Additionally, I am an Undergraduate Researcher with the Cornell Astronomy Department under the supervision of Professor Lisa Kaltenegger, Director of the Carl Sagan Institute. I use Python, MATLAB, and Microsoft Excel to analyze hundreds of thousands of datapoints from NASA’s exoplanet archives to determine which exoplanets fall into their respective star system’s Habitable Zones.

I am also very proud of my family’s lineage and contributions to the sciences. My grandfather, M. Riad El-Ghonemy, was an accomplished development economist.

My great grandfather, Sir John Snell, was a renowned electrical engineer.